International Senj Summer Carnival

Certainly one of the most attractive Summer entertainment events on the Adriatic.

Six days and nights of masquerades in the true sense of the word, they “rule” the city, justifying to the maximum each and every attribute of its name!! Since 1967, at the beginning of August the residents of Senj with their guests transform the city into the capital of the Summer masquerade on the eastern shore of the Adriatic.

The most attractive day is Saturday when three thousand masqueraders in a great carnival procession on the streets of the city attract the attention of about 12,000 spectators.

Along with groups from Senj, Rijeka and its environs, Zagreb, Djakovo, Garešnica, Gradiška, Jastrebarsko, Sisak, etc. groups from abroad are also traditionally represented, including those from Italy (Fano), Slovenia (Ilirska Bistrica), Austria (Pandorf), Slovakia (Senec), the Czech Republic (Frydek Mystek), Poland (Wielun), Hungary (Kiseg).


Days of Uskoks

Every year for three days in July, Senj returns to the Middle Ages. Celebrating the long and interesting history of the town, Senj Tourist Board organizes a medieval feast at the famous fortress Nehaj. Passing by stands on the medieval fair one learns about medieval customs, crafts, arms, games and food. Costume entertainment is provided by actors and musicians, merchants and craftsmen who do their best to entice visitors to their stands, while knights in shining armor and soldiers from historic units fight for their attention on a knights’ tournaments.


Samba mania Senj

Inspired by the attractiveness of samba music, its worldwide popularity, and the great interest of tourists in this type of music, a two-day event called Samba Mania takes place in Senj in the month of July. The aim of this event is to present Brazilian culture to tourists and local people through music and the performances of attractive dancers. The festival includes performances by samba baterias from several European countries (Austria, Italy, Hungary, France), Brazilian samba dancers and capoeira groups, samba dance and drum workshops, a samba competition, and children’s programmes.


Meeting of klapa vocal groups

The tradition of klapa vocal groups gathering in Senj goes back to 1973. This event, which brings together female and male klape from the Croatian Littoral and Istria, has been taking place regularly since 1998 on the second weekend in July and represents a significant contribution to the preservation and development of the traditional vocal singing of this area. The klape perform both traditional and new songs.


Mesopust – Carnival

Carnival is a traditional event that has been taking place in Senj for more than three centuries.

Every Saturday, from Epiphany until Ash Wednesday, i.e. the beginning of Lent, the town’s Magnus discotheque hosts costume parties. The carnival ends on Shrove Tuesday with the hanging of the puppet known as Mesopust, who is held guilty for all the troubles of the previous year.


„Climb to Zavižan“ bicycle race

The „Climb to Zavižan“ bicycle race (0-1,594 m) takes place every year in the month of June. Depending on their fitness level, participants can start the race either in Senj at 0 metres above sea level, or in Oltari at a height of 940 m. The trail is approximately 38 km long. This race brings together approximately 500 cyclists from Croatia and neighbouring countries.


Senj Concert Evenings

The reputation of this relatively recent tradition is growing every year.

Over a period of more than a month, the town hosts some fifteen classical music concerts performed by excellent young Croatian artists. The concerts usually take place on the town’s small squares or in churches.