The Carnival

The carnival takes place from mid-January until the eve of Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. On Saturday nights we throw carnival parties, the children’s carnival is on Sunday afternoon and on the last day we organise afternoon events in the main square (the Basilica or, as we call it, the Plac).


The Easter Breakfast

The Easter Breakfast is prepared on Easter Monday in the main square and, in addition to singing and dancing, visitors can get local dishes and specialties that are typical of the Easter season. This event has been held since 2001 and is a special kind of welcome for our pre-season guests.


May Festivities

The May Festivities are a gastronomic and ecological event held during the May holidays and visitors can sample local delicacies prepared by Novalja restaurateurs. Citizens are also offered garden flower seedlings to decorate their gardens. The entire festivity is accompanied by music and dance.


The Children’s Music Festival “Antonja”

The Children’s Music Festival has been held since 1998 directly before St. Anthony’s Day, on June 13, which is also commemorated as Novalja Day. School children perform during the festival.