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During your stay in the LAGUR Tramuntana area, we recommend visiting some of the nearby tourist attractions within a  maximum range of 150 km.

The specificity of the LAGUR Tramuntana area is within the blend of the sea and the land as well as in the opportunity of experiencing both the Mediterranean and the mountain climate in a single day.

The LAGUR Tramuntana area is well connected by traffic so we recommend choosing the preferred tourist attractions from the list, the ones’ that best suit your wishes, this way enriching your visit to our destination.

If you decide to visit more locations in the area of the continent of Lika, we are definitely advising you to use the possibility of purchasing a joint ticket. More information is available at:



A joint offer of a broader area

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Northern Velebit National Park

Paklenica National Park

Velebit Nature Park

Grabovaca Cave Park

Notable Landscape of Barac’s Cave 

Nikola Tesla Memorial Center

Rizvan City Adrenaline Park

Gacka Valley

Croatian Center for Indigenous Fish and Crab of the karst waters