Karlobag-Natural heritage

A town between Velebit mountain chain and the sea, located on important Adriatic Highway connecting Rijeka with Dubrovnik, and toward Gospić to Plitvička Jezera and Zagreb. Karlobag is a wonderful combination of the Mediterranean and the Continent, cristal clear sea, unpoluted air, beaches with catering facilities, good traffic flow and of course festivals of fish and wine make Karlobag an autentic coastal destination where you can breathe and live slowly, relaxed, in balance and harmorny.

Velebit is the pearl and wonder of Croatian mountains. Pictures from Velebit express reverence for beauty. They a joy both to the sender and the reciver. Those words can describe the largest Croatian mountain massif, covering ana rea of 2,274 km2. A combination of natural circumstances have created diverse habitats that are home to a large number of Croatian and Velebit endemic  species and surviving ancient plant and animal life. There is a notable number of endemic plant species, such as the Velebit degenia, the Croatian sibirea, the Velebit bellflower and others.

Path of Velebit begins at Baške Oštarije, 18 km from Karlobag where the attention of visitors will attract St. Elisabeth s Church, Kubus – the monument dedicated to the building of the Karlobag – Gospić road across the Velebit, the Cube on four spheres is situated on the Oštarije Saddle or Stara vrata, at 927 m above sea level from where the view extends over Karlobag, the island of Pag and the entire Velebit Channel, and a fountain made of carved stone among people known as the source of fertility.

Those keen on alpinism will be thrilled with the Premužić Trail. 57 km long trail crosses the most beautiful and most interesting parts oft he North Velebit. A beautiful view spreads over the Adriatic Sea and the islands of Pag, Rab, Goli, Prvić and Krk, and onto the Lika hinterland from the continental side. It also suitable for easy walking and just enjoying the view.