Karlobag-cultural heritage

When the sunset call s you for a walk, follow it along the quay and newly restored path along the beach. Scent of stone and salt will accompany your sight-seeing; Kapucin s monastery with a library with theological literature from the 16th, 17th and 18th cent and St. Joseph s Church in wich we find the valuable painting oft he Last Supper by Cristoforo Tasca, the fortress Fortica and Kava – Mediterranean garden with an exhibition of private owned mosaics, Šterne – once the only source of drinking water and also the key to unity wich is often entangle new love stories and frendships, St. Karlo Boromejski Church, the monument of Šime Starčević, father oft he first Croatian grammar, Calvary, the stone building of school was built in 1875 through the efforts of Baron Mollinary, and it was the most grandiose building of the time in Karlobag.