Hunting and fishing


Before you go off to fish, you must obtain a license that will allow you to enjoy sports-recreational fishing.

As of 1st January 2012, all types of licences for recreational fisheries at sea may be obtained in electronic form (bought on-line).

Online purchase of recreational fisheries licences valid for one or more days as well as of those for recreational fisheries of tuna, spearfish and swordfish has been enabled as of 15. July 2011. In addition to already available service, as of 1st January 2012. it is possible to purchase online all types of annual licences for recreational fisheries at sea. It is important to keep in mind that the electronic licences do not have a paper form – the licence is confirmed with the serial number assigned by the system upon purchase. When the purchase is completed, a PDF document shall be delivered to the e-mail of the buyer which confirms that the licence has been bought and contains the licence serial number.


Ministry of  agriculture, Directorate of fisheries

Obala dr. Franje Tuđmana 6

53270, Senj

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Within the area of Senj there are hunting-grounds managed by the „Hrvatske šume“, i.e. by the Forest managment of Senj. In the mountainos area, there are shooting places rich in wild animals such as bears, wolfs, lynx, deers, does, chamois, boars, grouses, snipes, partridges, snakes and hares. The wellmaintained and rich hunting places and the accomodation int he cottages situated int he centre oft he shooting place are suitable for the hunting tourism. The hunters will enjoy int he singing oft he mountaincock, and observing the chamois, bear and other animals while on the particular places only, a special kind oft he mountain-cock which is rare in other European countries, can be seen. The hunting-grounds on the coastal area oft he town of Senj are more accessible on the Velebit base. They are rich in bears, lynxes, deers, chamois, harts, boars, mountain-cocks and mouflons. The moufflons, snipes and guails are the most suitable animals for hunting.



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