Explore the wonders and the wildlife of the deep blue sea with a little bit of help from our diving instructors. You can take a week long diving course or just grab the gear and try it accompanied by the professionals.

There are four diving centers on the island:


Kron Diving centar u Kamporu

Kampor 413/a , 51 280 Rab

Contact: Andreas Kron

Tel.: 00385 51 776 620

Fax.: 00385 51 776 630

E-mail: office@kron-diving.com

Web-adresa: www.kron-diving.com


Mirko Diving centar u Barbatu

Barbat 710, 51 280 Rab

Contact: Mirko i Arijan Žigo

Tel/fax.: 00385 51 721 154

E-mail: mirkodiving@otokrab.hr

Web-adresa: www.mirkodivingcenter.com


Aquasport Diving centar u Supetarskoj Dragi

Supetarska Draga 331, 51 280 Rab

Contact: Henrik i Tanja Plješa

Tel/fax.: 00385 51 776 145

GSM:00385 91 524 8141

E-mail: info@aquasport.hr

Web-adresa: www.aquasport.hr


All of them can provide equipment and are organising diving excursions on a daily basis, like a dive-visit to the “Medova buža” three interconnected caves with an underwater entrance where you might run into people getting wed under water.

Taking a “walk” in this underwater world of harmony, silence and beauty is a very special experience. Diving center in Lopar offers diving training, trial dives for amateurs and beginners, equipment rental, diving excursions, boat services, etc.

The most important underwater attraction off the shore of Lopar is the “Bear’s Hole” (Medova buža), a natural phenomenon with an underwater entrance in the form of three connected caves. This used to be the habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal (Croatian: sredozemna medvjedica, the Mediterranean bear), after which it was named, and is an attractive location for all adventure seekers and diving lovers, and a popular place for underwater weddings.


Moby Dick Diving center in Lopar

Lopar 493, 51 281 Lopar

Contact: Mladen Škapul

Tel/fax.: 00385 51 775 577

E-mail: moby-dick1@ri.t-com.hr

Web-adresa: www.mobydick-diving.com



If you love the deep sea and the extraordinary underwater seascapes, contact one of the dive centres in Novalja or Stara Novalja. Among the many things that the deep and dark underwater world has to offer professional divers, we recommend seeing the amphorae from a sunken Roman merchant ship from the 1st century BC, which is located at a depth of about 30 m in the small Bay of Vlaška Mala in the Channel of Velebit, close to the Žigljen ferry port. Also, experience a pleasant and safe tour drive under the sea surface in a semi submarine and explore the amazing sea world trought the 5m² windows.


Diving centres:

Lagona Divers
Blue Bay 
Ocean Pro




Since medieval times, the East coast of Adriatic sea has been the main shipping route from the East to the West. Today, there are numerous ancient remains either on land or on the sea bottom, which help us to follow those shipping routes and recall the events from our past.

Our ancestors, experienced sea-men, left us a system of fortresses built on islands’ hilltops with the purpose to control the shipping routes and defend themselves from various enemies. And down under, on the bottom of the sea, there are numerous shipwrecks scattered around – a graveyard of ships caught in a storm or perhaps shot by a cannon ball, beauties that never reached their destinations.

On the other hand, nature has taken care of all those interesting colourful, countless visual attractions which can be found around cliffs dropping vertically into the sea, so called “nature walls”.

In GALATHEA DIVING CENTER you can get all the necesary informations about how to dive on archaeological sites previously mentioned, or how to reach famous shipwrecks, those historical deepsea museums and enjoy in a unique experience of diving through submarine gardens of one of the most beautiful and best protected undersea areas in the world.


Jadranska Galathea Diving Center (Camp Ujča)

Vučja draga bb, 53284 Sv. Juraj, Hrvatska

GPS: 44.968111, 14.921467

Tel: +385 99 688 7237 Bázis | +385 99 680 2715 Bázis vezető

E-mail: jadranska@galathea.hu

Web: www.dive-croatia.com


Explorator Diving Center


53284 Sveti Juraj

tel: 00385 91 732 5852; 099/5485666