About the project

Cum grano salis/Grain of Salt



Pilot project Cum grano salis/Grain of Salt is conducted in LAGUR’s  TRAMUNTANA local initiative area, consisting of 5 JLS’ (cities of Novalja, Senj and Rab, and Lopar and Karlobag boroughs). Coordinator of the pilot projects is the Director of LAGUR Tomislav Kovačević. Pilot project was planned independently, but with the help of JLS’ in which area it is conducted. The general goal of the project is the development of touristic gastronomic destination based on consumption of local fish. Activities of the project are directed towards the identification and valorization of cultural heritage of the coastal area, identification of the general touristic offer of the local initiative areas with the emphasis on fishing and its adjacent offers, presentation of the above through 5 info points and a unique web content and informing of fishing and touristic offer carriers.


LAGUR’s TRAMUNTANA has an exceptional potential for the development of a touristic gastronomic destination based on the consumption of local fish which, considering the pure sea and agreeable conditions, has been recognized for its quality, contributing to the development and growth of fishing sector as the economic basis. In order to contribute to the fulfillment of the potential, LAGUR TRAMUNTANA has developed a pilot project, the implement of which will benefit to the promotion of fishing area as a traditional fishing surroundings and places made by growth of small fishing villages. During the process, the emphasis will be on the promotion of fishing sector and encouragement of short supply chains with the aim of promoting fishermen, fish shops, food shops and restaurants whose offer is based on local fish. Pilot project is focused primarily on fishing and tourism sector, their connection and the growth of inter-sector activities.